Shooting at cap Fréhel, Brittany, France
Shooting at cap Fréhel, Brittany, France

Who is Dragonstreet Photography?

Dragonstreet Photography is David Vercruysse, landscapes, travel and wildlife photographer, living in France, near Provins in Seine et Marne.

Through my photos, I want to stir, challenge et push people to think about the major environnemental issues. I want the observer to open up his mind, et regain a sense of fullness and peace through my landscapes, fauna and flora photographs. Nature is our history, our present and must be our futur. Let us find our equilibrium on his earth, as the ancient civilizations knew.

It’s naturally that interest and specialization for this type of photos appeared, through my travels and discovery of different regions, countries, cultures and their histories.

I’m passionate about photography, visual arts and exchanges, a little geek too (it is necessary with the digital now) it is by the pleasure of sharing and learning that I’ve created this blog. You’ll find tips and tricks about how I develop and retouch my photographs.

This blog is also all about travel photography, shooting outdoor (landscapes, wildlife), adventure and lastest news about Dragonstreet Photography shop, and obviously my photos !

I wish you a good adventure on my blog, hope that it offers you pleasure and dreams throughout my works!!

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See you soon !

David Vercruysse