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The new version of Capture One Pro 9 can be downloaded from Monday evening November the 30th !! Version 8 was already effective and well accomplished in my opinion, but version 9 is really the “holy grail”!

Indeed, those who knows my philosophy on digital photography, strongly inspired and based on the recommendations of Dan Margulis, pre-press world-renowned expert, knows that I was not convinced by the usual Raw converters until occurrence of Capture One Pro 7, which already seemed very promising at the time, version 8 make me “a switcher from Ligthroom” but version 9 exploses all scores !!

Unsatisfied by Raw converters in general, preferring creativity developments, I had naturally turned to the philosophy of Dan Margulis and his workflow against the current trend of Raw development, and uses luminance masks for retouching.


The basis of my philosophy inspired from Dan Margulis was:


  • Colorimetric correction (color consistency, balance of general and local white .. to avoid the excesses in subsequent creative adjustments more advanced)
  • Light correction or adjustment and contrast (regardless of color, highlights and shadows, density ..)
  • Color Adjustment (saturation, color separation, gradient … RGB / LAB, creative effects)
  • Skin tone adjustment (if necessary) etc ..


All this by using layers, blend modes (luminosity and color mainly) photoshop.

Since version 8 capture one pro, I had gradually left Lightroom because I saw the wind coming slowly, algorithms already seemed to work according to my philosophy above.

What had most impressed me with version 8, is the extremely soft and progressive corrections and adjustments.

Of course, the color editor, the luminance adjustment without color shift, or correcting the color wihtout “radioactive effect”, the color balance that controls the density separately from the color or saturation without hue deviance etc …

Add to this, additional adjustments combined with levels, curves and their respective channels etc .. All this brought an already impressive flexibility of use !!

I pass over sharpness, structure and already exceptional clarity …

Now, this philosophy is confirmed in version 9 of capture one, in which we will find out more:


New conversion engine, and increased overall speed of capture one pro :


  • Saturation or rather a new “vibrance” generation and improved brightness (much better for portraits)
  • Exposition, brightness from my quick tests about 35% more powerful without image degradation.
  • RGB curves settings, R, G, B and now only the lumna, for use in the layers.
  • Local adjustments to these curves settings. (great for the Dodge & Burn)
  • Improved local retouching brush ans tools (curves).
  • Creation mask from the color editor.
  • New algorithm for the exit process, no loss of quality or sharpness whatever the final output image size.
  • Excellent keywords management  !
  • Battery level in connected mode.


In conclusion, you will understand, with this version 9 of capture one pro, you can truly say that it extracts the quintessence of Raw image format !!!

As we say in french, “the cherry on top of the cake”, is on top of all this, and unlike other raw converter, no need to limit your conversion in capture one 9, because you still have some room for furthers developments or editings without killing your picture in bitmap editors like photoshop !!

Also, with a little practice, using copy paste, styles etc .. Raw the development becomes really very very fast and pleasant ….

Try capture one pro 9 on phase one !


Be patient at the beginning, the apparent rigidity, will become future flexibility …


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