Departure from Andenes to Kabelvåg,

South of the Lofoten Islands.


It was after a 24 hours break in Andenes, and 3H whale safari, we leaved for several hours driving time, to the south of the islands. Approximately 240km of zigzag ahead, through those mountains just straightening out of the sea, alternating sometimes Fjords, sometimes rocky beaches or white sand.

It is in a rorbu we planned to spend the next four days. The rorbuer are the typical red Norwegian fishermen huts . Very comfortable they are, real family apartments can host up to 4 people. These four days on site allowed us to explore all the south of the Lofoten islands.



There are several attractions in Kabelvåg : the museum, the Lofoten Aquarium, the Kabelvåg church known as the Lofoten Cathedral or more original tours, such as sculpture on ice museum.

At Eggum on the western side of the archipelago, is a rather rocky beach.

Known for the opportunity to make a nice stroll before sunset (or not depending on the season, being north of the arctic circle, there are about 1 months of total darkness, as well as one month of day or midnight sun per year).

This is an amphitheater, where you find the remains of a German construction, a WWII radar.


Henningsvaer is also not to be missed. This village is very authentic, and touristic enough for his views on the heights accessed via a beautiful hike or also its camping possibilities near the sea.

Reine, the last village on the southern tip of the Lofoten Islands, also remains a typical small fishing village, full of charm, with a particular atmosphere.

As you can see, for those who loves a minimum adventure, and the North (temperate anyway), these islands: Versteralen  in the north and Lofoten in the south,  those seaside mountains, fjords, white sand beaches or rocky beaches have to be seen at least once in his life.

Have a good trip,


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