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Tony Kuyper has just released his new TKActions V6 module : the RapidMask2.



This new RapidMask2 module is the result of lots of experiments and replaces the V5 Intro, RapidMask and LayerMask modules. It has all their functionality and lots of new ones.

Since this module is a big improvement, it’s going to start the TKActions V6. Because this update is relatively soon after the V5 panel, the new V6 module will be free to customers who have already purchase the V5. During this transition from V5 to V6, you will receive all V5 and V6 modules and can choose which ones to use into your workflow.

To get more all details and information about the RapidMask2 module, check out Tony Kuyper’s blog page.

This module is only available for Photoshop CC ( due to advanced coding only supported by photoshop CC)

Tony Kuyper’s video below reviews the most important features in more detail. It is best viewed in full-screen mode in order to see everything that’s happening.

TKActions V6 RapidMask2 module

You also see Sean Bagshaw’s intro video :

TKActions V6 RapidMask2 module intro from Sean Bagshaw

Enjoy it !


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