Rent a professional photographer …

This is the big question, frequently asked to professional photographers. Nowadays, who does not have a powerful digital camera? Or a smartphone, super-photo-phone ;-)?

The digital age in which we live today proves that everyone does photographies, and everyone needs photos for a variety of reasons:

Why would an individual deprive himself of family memories? To share these moments on social networks etc …? The objective here is to immortalize the present moment, so fleeting … For a professional, a company, when one has a message, a communication to make pass, the photo is the most effective and the fastest way to create the ‘Hangs. The agitation in which we live does not leave us the opportunity to take the time to read. Therefore the solution remains the image.

A second big question that it would be wise to ask: Why use a professional photographer? Is that the quality of the equipement that makes a beautiful picture? We will see that the answer can be complicated.



Let us analyze the subject a little more closely:

The impact of the Internet in the professional world makes it essential to exist on the web. When you learn that good photos can increase up to 40% contact with the customer, it makes you think !! So do not miss the niche !! It is generally at this moment that a professional photographer is called in. The latter must create the photo (s) tailored to the needs of his client. The image must catch the eye of the user “in search”, and must transmit one or more messages as quickly as possible. The “potential” customer in search of a service must get an idea almost instantly. The professional photographer is the keystone of this communication, the technical and artistic interface between the message of the provider and his future customer.


Example of development / retouching, rustic style:


Inside of a Norwegian restaurant before retouches, at Reine, South Lofoten Islands


Inside of a Norwegian restaurant retouched, at Reine, South Lofoten Islands

The professional must therefore master this visual language:

By mastering its digital camera and other hardware (flashes etc.) perfectly
By mastering the shooting techniques (light, composition, dynamics etc …)
Master the colorimetry that has to be calibrated from its digital camera, screens, until printing if necessary. (colors accuracy)
I do not speak here of transformation or editing photo (that said, why not), but rather to sublimate the photo by a professional retouching that will be the ” Interpretation of the photographer (one among others).
Thing is possible by adjusting the color balance, brightness, playing with shadows, filters etc. in short by creating a special atmosphere that matches the style of the photographer as well as the customer’s request.

If necessary, the professional photographer must be able to master the printing process. Preparing the image according to printer type, print size, paper type, color profile etc.

Simple and basic development example:


rorbur interior I, before retouches
rorbur interior I, before retouches


Rorbu interior I, after retouches
Rorbu interior I, after retouches

The professional photographer is also a style, a look, a particular way that he has to pass the message.

This communication can be done in several ways:

Emotional: by colors, artistic effect, composition, light .. all of this as to make the reader feel a special atmosphere, awaken a feeling that the customer seeks. Culinary make imagine the taste by the sight, in terms of comfort and quality of service for a hotel etc …

Direct: by an action, a movement, a scene on the picture describing the message to be transmitted.

Or a graphic composition, a short set of photos of a story telling a story. (Diptic, triptic …) This is all that the customer potential “in research” must seize without thinking, immediately at the sight of a photo called “professional”.

In the end, the use of a professional photographer must be reflected, according to his style, his specialty, for whom all this is second nature, and much less obvious for the amateur / neophyte.

I hope that this small article will allow you to answer your questions and to see a little more clearly.

See you soon,


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