General terms and conditions


Version of Mai 24, 2018


 1. Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Terms :

This document defines the modalities of the site of the company Dragonstreet Photography SAS, and the Internet user visitor.

These conditions apply without limitation, nor reserve to the whole blog integral part of the site belonging to the company Dragonstreet Photography SAS.

These general conditions are accessible at any time on this web site and will prevail, when necessary, on any different version or any other contradictory document. Dragonstreet Photography SAS reserves the right to modify at any time these general conditions.

Any visit on this blog implies on behalf of the visitor an unconditional acceptance of the present general conditions with which the Internet user recognizes to have acquainted.

Any contrary stipulation or reserve provided by the customer when ordering is deemed unwritten, except express acceptance on behalf of the company Dragonstreet Photography SAS, owner of the site

Dragonstreet Photography SAS, constituting proof of all transactions.

It is strongly advised to open a customer account on the site, in order to allow a faster and efficient management of your orders and invoicing.


2. Intellectual property: 

The contents of the site are protected by the French and international laws relative to the intellectual property. Any copy, use and/or distribution without preliminary and exclusive agreement of the company Dragonstreet Photography SAS is strictly forbidden and may constitute an offense of forgery. Here, we speak in a not exhaustive way; photos, texts, videos, logos, etc. are the exclusive property of the company Dragonstreet Photography SAS.

The partial or complete reproduction or the distribution for commercial purposes or advertising executives is strictly forbidden without prior authorization of the company Dragonstreet Photography SAS.

A sharing of information or digital files images by Dragonstreet Photography SAS is possible via a prior authorization. Any uses deformed, diverted, or hijacked from texts, and embellish with images is strictly forbidden. We speak here about pornographic, obscene, immoral, slanderous or slanderous or still susceptible to carry infringement of rights and the image of every person or property is strictly forbidden.

Dragonstreet Photography reserves the right to revoke exchanges or information shared from this blog for any excessive or fraudulent uses.


3. Orders

The customer can choose the French or English language to make his order by click on “French” for a French site or “English ” to obtain the site in English.

It is up to the customer to select the product which he wishes to order, according to the following modalities:


  • The customer selects his product(s) by click on the button “to buy”
  • The customer selects his product(s) in the basket.
  • The buyer indicates his name, first name, complete address, and phone as well for the delivering as for the invoicing. If the buyer is a professional, his company name and his N ° of intracommunity VAT will be required.
  • The customer will see then a summary, will have to verify the details of the order before definitive validation  and will be able to make modifications there (if needed) before this definitive validation.
  • At the time of the validation, there is acceptance of general terms & conditions of sale and confirmation by the customer for a”definitive” order.
  • The customer chooses his method of payment.
  • Dragonstreet Photography SAS confirms the acceptance of the command as soon as this one is registered and paid, by an e-mail of confirmation to the customer.  This,  subject to availability.

The information registered by Dragonstreet Photography SAS establishes the proof of the nature, the contents and the date of the order.

The information given by the customer during the order taking engage this one in case of error of the address , phone number. Dragonstreet Photography SAS would not  be held responsible for the impossibility (that he could have there) to deliver the product.

Dragonstreet Photography SAS, reserves the right to cancel any command of a customer with whom there would be a dispute in the relative payment of a previous order which would not have been solved.


4. Purchases of licenses and downloads of digital files: 

Downloaded digital files are accompanied by general conditions of use and sales as well as a license to use. These digital files can only be used according to the criteria described in this license.

For a possible modification or extension, please contact:

Dragonstreet Photography SAS

David Vercruysse

14 Rue du Dragon 77650 Longueville

Contact Dragonstreet Photography here

This license is non-exclusive, non-transferable, and may not be licensed. We understand by license: display, use, reproduction, publication, modification or manipulation of the contents of the digital file (s). A donation is considered a sublicense.

Digital files may not be modified in any way without prior permission specifically indicated on this license by Dragonstreet Photography SAS.

Any use of these digital files considered pornographic, obscene, immoral, defamatory or slanderous or likely to infringe the rights and image of any person or property is strictly prohibited.

Dragonstreet Photography reserves the right to revoke the license for any misuse or fraudulent use.


5. Price lists

Products are sold according to the price lists appearing on the site in various currencies, and during the recording of the order by the seller.  The indicated prices are whithout taxes. These price lists do not include the fee of treatment, expedition, transport and delivery which are charged in supplement. This amount will appear clearly detailed on the order.

The pricing for products and additional fees is subject to modification without prior notice.

Any command error due to a typing error of the address during the odrer will be chargeable to the customer.

In case of command of products towards a country other than the European Union, the customer is the importer of these products. Customs duties or other taxes can be required by the concerned country. These rights do not concern Dragonstreet Photography SAS and are chargeable to the customer.

A summary of command, as well as an invoice will be established by Dragonstreet Photography SAS sent to the customer by e-mail and / or by letter in French.  An English invoice is possible on request.


6. Payment

The paiement of your purchases is made with the secure system of Paypal.  With this system, the payment is made at the end of the process of on-line command by the definitive validation of your command.  The process of payment is highly secured, and can be made by your account Paypal, or via your usual credit card without opening of a Paypal account.

For other way of payment contact us here.

The manufacturing process and / or delivering of one or several products are thrown only after confirmation and collection of the payment.


7. Delivery

The seller undertakes to supply one or several products commanded as soon as possible and to inform the buyer of the state of progress of the command.

However the delivery of one or several products is effective only after collection of the payment during the command. The delivery is considered as made from the discount of one or several products by the deliverer or the carrier.

In case of defect of execution of a command resulting from a case of absolute necessity, from technical unavailability during the realization of the commanded good, the customer will be informed about this eventuality and will see itself offered the possibility of a refund if need be within 30 days from the date of the payment paid with order by the product in question.

Dragonstreet Photography SAS, cannot be held responsible for a delay in delivery in case of repeated absence to the delivery address indicated by the customer


8. Responsibility:

Any services offered on this site are supplied ” as it stands ” available without guarantee of no kind, express or implicit, Dragonstreet Photography SAS makes no guarantee that:

  • The services and the products will meet the needs of the visitor,
  • The services and products will be continuous, convenient, safe, or without errors
  • The results which can be obtained from the use of the services or products will be effective, exact or reliable.

This site could include technical, typographic errors, etc. Dragonstreet Photography SAS can bring modifications on this site, including modify the descriptions of all the photographic and derived products, at any time without advance notice.

The use of the services of downloading or the other mode of acquisition of any product or article by means of this site is made at the risks and the dangers and with agreement of the customer that he will be only responsible for any damage in his computer system or loss of data resulting from these activities.

Dragonstreet Photography, is not responsible for all the technical troubles, independent from its will, which would come to prevent for a moment the access to its web site. The users undertake not to hinder the good functioning of the site of however manners it is. (Virus, Trojan horse, etc.)


9. Data processing and General Data Protection Regulations (RGPD):

9.1 What data are processed and why ? is the ” blog ” part of the site forming together only a single site concerning the photography, belonging to the company Dragonstreet Photography SAS.

Dragonstreet Photography is registered to the CNIL under the number: 1764724. Dragonstreet Photography SAS, makes sure to collect only the information strictly necessary for the purpose for which they are processed.

The private information provided by the customer allows to meet the legal obligations, and have no use beyond the frame of the file customer (receipts, invoices…). This file will not be transmitted to any third party without client’s permission. The buyer has a right of permanent access, modification, rectification and opposition as for the information concerning him. It is possible to the customer to make this demand by mail here.

Subscription to the newsletter is done solely by the explicit will of the visitor who has completed the form. The subscribers in newsletters have the possibility of unsubscribe by simple click on link ” unsubscribed  ” at the bottom of page of each of the received newsletters.

The user of a registered account on the site is the only one authorized to use his identifier and his code of access and preserve them confidential. Every user undertakes any useful measure to assure his confidentiality. Every user of an account is responsible for the use of this account until a possible demand of modification for Dragonstreet Photography SAS. The customer having created an account on the site undertakes to notify Dragonstreet Photography SAS by mail in case of flight or deceitful use of his identifier or password.

9.2 How data are secured ?

Data security is ensured by updating the software on the website The transfer of information between the websites and uses the SSL encryption protocol. Technical services and server security (SSL encryption etc …) are managed through subcontractors: EX2 and Photodeck. (as well as their subcontractors, consultable on their general terms and conditions)

9.3 How data are stored ?

Subscription to the newsletter is unlimited in time and revocable at any time (see 9.1). Data relating to legal and / or regulatory obligations are kept for at least 10 years.

9.4 General data not identified ?

Dragonstreet Photography SAS uses Google Analytics for a global analysis of the traffic of its sites, as well as aggregated metrics, (number of subscribers, usage rates of certain functions etc.) are produced and stored without limitation of duration. These informations are global and in no way related to identifiable people.


10. Applicable right and language: 

The blog site is subjected to the French law. In spite of, the translation of the general conditions in English on, only the French text will be valid in case of dispute.

A question?

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Legal notices 

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