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On1 Photo RAW 2017 updated to version 2017.5

Like all major softwares updates, we will find many cameras updates or improved support like :

Apple iPad Pro 9.7, Canon EOS T7i/ 800D / Kiss X9i, Canon EOS M6, Canon EOS 77D / 9000D, Fuji X100F (compressed), Huawei Mate 9, Panasonic LX10, Sony NEX5n, Olympus Pen F, Panasonic DC-ZS70 / TZ90, Pentax KP, Olympus E-PL3, Sony Alpha ILCE 9.

But there are many nice features that I like to introduce you.


In the browser module :

There is a compare mode where it’s now possible to see 2 or more images side by side. You can zoom in, pan one image or the selected ones at the same time  (with the “sync” option).

Improved search tool, which allow you to search in any metadata, with single or multiple criteria. I really appreciate this feature personally.


Great improvement on the develop module :

The lens correction pane, which works automatically from the browse module, or manual if  for any reason your lens is not recognized. This panel also contain chromatic abarration correction and peripheral light fall-off.

The detail pane is also well enhance now, sharpening and noise reduction are in the same panel, in order to balance one with the other. I found it more confortable to balance the two and the results are better.

The clone stamp tool is now available in both, develop and effect module which is quite convenient. Whatever is your workflow this give much more flexibility.

Miscellaneous features : 

The first one I have to mention, is the lightroom migration tool. If you want to migrate all your catalog from Adobe Lightroom, select your main photo folder, and go to “file menu” => “Plug-in Extras” => “Migrate Catalog to On1 Photo”. The Migrate to ON1 Photo window pops up and allow to choose between few options like : Migrate collections, Create copies of photos with Lightroom Adjustments, and Copy options (files format, colour space, bit depth, resolution). All your settings will be transferred. Perfect for people who wants to migrate completely to On1 Photo.


Presets are stackable in this new version of On1 Photo 2017. Till now, when you wanted to apply a preset you just needed to click on the desired preset. But when cliking on another one, this last one was cancelling and replacing the previous preset. From now on, If you want to apply presets on top of each other, just press the “alt” button while you’re clicking on the preset and you just need to adjust the filters to fine tune the render of your image.  Another way to do this, is to right click on your mouse, and chose “Insert preset” in the pop-up menu showing up.

To stay and continue on presets,  we can find some cool shortcuts to choose a workspace. In the present panel, you’ll find “Develop workspaces“. Depending on the projet you work on, you can choose landscape, black and white, portrait, Lightroom workspace etc..

And to finish with presets, the last one is Color Film, which contains 33 films look from the most famous film brand like Agfa Vista, FujiFilm Provia, Astia, Kodak Ektar, Lomo etc.. Pretty cool look to play with..

As a bonus you can download On1 Effects 10 for free with the link below and / or  some Lightroom presets for free too !!

Enjoy it !


ON1 Effects10 free
Lightroom presets free
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