On1 Photo RAW 2019 is coming soon !

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As usual the annual On1 Photo RAW update is coming, version 2019 perfectly on time. On1 hits pretty hard this time!

According to their communication it is one of the most important and best update of On1 history. Improvements of the workflow as well as on the functionalities.

Let’s see this in detail:

Like any photo software that wants to be powerful and effective, there will be a noticeable improvement in terms of performance and photo quality development.

In this logic, we will find an improvement of the non-destructive workflow in RAW format in the “Layers” module. About this, I should not talk about a module “Layers” anymore since the module will now be fully integrated into the “Develop” and “Effect” modules. We can already detect a reworking of the user interface.

The fact that the use of layers can be used directly in these 2 modules, allows to keep a workflow in RAW, on one or more stacked images. We can therefore use the masks, blending modes etc. between two or more images. But On1 thought of all because for photos taken handheld, On1 will provide a layer alignment algorithm for a perfect overlay.

On top of this, since we have layers, and a perfect alignment possible, On1 offers the “Focus stacking”. Which means the possibility of merging a stack of several identical photos with different focus points. This will result in a much greater depth of field! Note that here we still work in a RAW format workflow ! It’s pretty well done from On1!

The layers integration in the “Developed” and “Effect” modules will obviously allow a new HDR workflow, that is to say the combination of identical photos with different exposure. This, always in RAW format, to improve the dynamic range of the photos by manual masking or by using blending mode or by using luminance masks! All this will be possible.

A new workflow for layers

HDR Layers

For Lightroom users chilly to migrate to On1 Photo RAW 2019 so their catalog is bulky, or just not losing the editing of their images, On1 has integrated the power of artificial intelligence algorithms into the migration module. Which removes a huge obstacle. Now there is no brake to migrate from Lightroom to On1 Photo RAW 2019, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will scan all the photos in your Lightroom catalog and automatically edit your photos identically (or really very very close) in On1 Photo RAW 2019 via their algorithms. Of course all the adjustments made by the AI in On1 Photo RAW 2019 will be nondestructive.

New Lightroom photo settings Migration

In terms of image development quality, local adjustments are updated to use RAW file information. This increases the dynamic range of local adjustments for highlights or shadows.

The portrait module is coming back! I say “back” because for those who knew Photosuite from On1 few years ago, there was at that time a dedicated portrait module. This time, it is rather a dedicated tab that automatically detects faces. It will occasionally need a boost for eyes or mouth localization in terms of accuracy. Then, in the blink of an eye you will treat a face, skin and its imperfections, eyes and teeth. (colours, whiteness, texture …)

Last small details not insignificant in the new functions, a text tool has been created that will allow you to add your messages on your photos via a layer. The size, colour, position, etc., can be saved as a preset to apply it on a series of photos!

Keywords management is also improved and managed through a tab list, with a search function. You will be able to apply, edit, rename, delete, etc.

Keywords management tab

The Text Tool

Also in the refinements, 3 specific filters have been added to the “Effect” module: the curved filter, grain and color adjustment.

The filter panel where you choose your filters has been updated as well as the general user interface: icons, tabs, slides etc. the goal is to be the less cluttered as possible on the interface and stay as focused as possible on your photos.

That was the latest news on On1 on Dragonstreet Photography ! A little excited to get this 2019 version, the release is scheduled for November!

I’ll meet you in a very short time, for the next events! In the meantime visit my YouTube channel or the other articles of this blog!

See you soon,


The new user interface

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