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What about PhotoDeck ?

It’s with satisfaction I now present PhotoDeck after 2 years of use.
Indeed, PhotoDeck may be a little less known than Zenfolio, Photoshelter or others but still offer strong arguments for any serious photographer in his professional approach.

After 2 years with Zenfolio it’s after a careful personal research on my real needs that I realized PhotoDeck was the platform that was indispensable for me.

PhotoDeck is rather complete, and built for both professionnal photographers and videographers.

Upon initiation of a trial account, you arrive in the “backend”. The interface is clear, pure, usable on desktop, on tablet or smartphone!

On first impression, we can notice the system responds quickly! very quickly !

4 large sections then present to you:

  • dashboard
  • my pictures and videos
  • my website
  • my shop

In the “Dashboard” you will find your last modified galleries, statistics of the visits, site activities: shopping, downloads, account customers etc, the PhotoDeck news all in one glance.

In the “my pictures and videos” section, you can manage your pictures and videos in galleries, in sub-galleries, collections, smart Collections in the right sidebar, you edit metadata, assignment of price profiles, sharing on social networks etc

In each galleries and sub-galleries it is possible to adjust the image display style, I means how the gallery will present.

Customization is here simple and effective! Presentation galleries, size, images shapes, display mode, display location and metadata behavior, products prices, buttons etc ..
Visibility and access to the galleries can be controlled, per person with individual password or by a general access etc ..

A written introduction or gallery head slideshow is configurable and customizable, SEO for each gallery, management comments, the end of the gallery, and automations !!

Automations are also one of the strengths of PhotoDeck: indeed, it is possible when adding images to a gallery or collection automate actions such as:

  • assign a title, a description, add or remove keywords.
  • publish in one or more galleries or add to a collection.
  • assign profiles prices.
  • re-apply settings to previously imported images. It’s also possible to automate the import in a gallery according to research keywords.

You already guessed now the search function on the PhotoDeck system is as powerful and worthy  as a library catalog!

My Site”  section is the complete  site configuration. Choose CSS theme, CSS customization, logo, specific page, site menu, configuration of social networks etc ..
Installation of the system is in this section: url, language management, google check, bing .., redirection, global site SEO.

The last section called “shop” allows management of online sales and the price pattern profile, taxes, baskets, accounts, mailing, purchase orders, quotes, invoices.

PhotoDeck is a great platform for sale online !!

Really handling up to 13 languages and even more currencies, you can use the already registered partners print labs, or add your favorite print lab with automatic ordering after payment by credit card or paypal. Payment by CB also leaves several choices of payment platform with obviously Paypal.
There is recently an automatic billing module being added!

It should be noted that PhotoDeck takes no commission !!! Yes : no commission !!!

In this shop section, once again the interest of PhotoDeck resides in customization capability whatsoever:

  • Profiles prices
  • Taxe profiles like VAT (responding to the need of the french complexity for professional buyer or private member of the EU or not … and this just in a single profile)
  • For product profiles, it is of course possible to set any products or support for your photos, via commercial items such as T-shirt, mug, mouse pad etc. or the sale of digital files or better, create packages of mixed (digital, licenses and products) to measure. From then assign the shipping profile from the ones that you create in advance as you want (according to your sales, for example) with different profiles specifically assigned to taxes,  or a particular price profile etc .

Morover, PhotoDeck has already pre-registered all the most used settings for professional photographers and works in partnership with several major print labs.

Also, note that there is a module “coupon code” which let you determine the title and code, with activation date or expiration and the number of possible use.

PhotoDeck is rather complete, isn’t it?

The PhotoDeck help offers a fast startup module or “step by step” that puts in quickly: site name, import photos and videos, etc .. Installation logo and you are operating very quickly.

To summarize here are the highlights of PhotoDeck:


  • real simplicity
  • general speed of the system and the site which is very good for SEO.
  • Multi-language and multi-currency
  • No sales commissions!
  • Customizing the stomach system and site with great simplicity!
  • Major and intelligent updates are regular.
  • We can also add presence and rapid response support!


Interested by PhotoDeck?

Here’s a coupon for a 50% discount on the first month: [email protected]


Have fun !



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